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Consumer Research

Consumer market research and insight is the foundation to developing a deep understanding of how customers think and feel. Ultimately, we increase the success rates of marketing, brands and product launches, using our understanding of consumer decision making to turn brands into category winners.

B2B Research

A specialist B2B research agency and one of world leading business-to-business market research companies. We’re research-led consultants we couple market research expertise with our background in business, strategy and marketing.

Market Research

A specialize in market research for startups and developing new products and services business experts who can help you through the early days and starting up your business, but also with sustaining and growing your business.

Connecting with Real People R

The most successful brands are those that connect with people at an individual and cultural level. To achieve this brands need to engage with people at both an emotional (subconscious) and rational level – and getting into the mindset of your customers is what we excel at.

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Brand Equity Measurement

Brand Tracking Research

Brand Name Testing

Brand Immersion Days

Brand Advertising and Media Evaluation

Brand Proposition and Positioning Development

Why Choose UsR

Whilst all our projects are custom designed, we do have a wide range of tools to help us successfully achieve both the research and business objectives. All our research is completely customized to your precise needs. We have our own national field team with vast experience of managing face to face interviewing and hall tests for product testing.

Expert qualitative researchers who have the expertise to investigate the most challenging subjects through focus groups, depth interviewing, ethnography.
In-house data processing unit skilled in designing highly effective surveys which provide quality insights and reduce drop-out and respondent fatigue.
We help you implement change – our team of experts will make the most of your findings and convert them to insights that make a real difference.

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Our aim is to help companies and organizations improve customer satisfaction and associated metrics by delivering relevant, meaningful and cost-effective benefits to our clients.

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